Dark Sun 2011

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Sethrik's Letters 01

Great Master of the Council of One,

It has been too long since my last letter and for that I apologize, my Oath Quest has taken me far deeper into the wilds than I’d hoped. The scorn known as the Drake is well connected in the region and I’m convinced is using those connections to hinder my progress.

Upon arriving in the Arena I was instantly enslaved and forced to participate in combat to the death, fortunately I’d aligned myself with several fellow slaves and together we uncovered a pending slave revolt. We rode the wave of chaos during the revolt safely out of town, ultimately attaching ourselves to a trade caravan. This caravan proved to be of divine fortune as it led us straight to an underground wizards lair that by some means of aracana creates wells of water this was exactly the break I needed. If I can harness the resource I will be able to use my wealth to forge connections with powerful allies and soldiers who share my hatred of the Drake.

Tomorrow we set out for a connection who may have the rare ore necessary to establish the distillery necessary to purify the water and fuel my Oath Quest.

In Humble Service,
Sethrick Apprentice to The Council of One


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